Design & Build

Trust is the underlying pillar for design-build projects. When trust is developed and fostered between the owner, contractor, and engineer, a remarkable synergy is developed which translates to successful projects and satisfied clients.

design-build-1100x733More and more clients are selecting the design-build process for their capital projects, turning the tables on low-cost contractor selection in favor of the best value, history of engineer and contractor relations, and the team’s ability to function collaboratively. Embracing the design-build philosophy has proven to increase opportunities for innovation while providing the potential to shorten the overall project schedule — a win-win situation for all members of the team

By having the architect and builder work as a team from the start, there are numerous benefits to the owner. By using this method, the builder becomes the owner’s single point of contact and responsibility. Conflicts, risks, and changes, which can delay project completion, are minimized by the active input and decision-making of the entire team during design and construction. The result is the highest possible efficiency in the building’s construction and functionality. Through Marlhill's design/build services, our crew can deliver a facility faster and at a lower cost to the client.