5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Construction Website


Having an effective website for your construction company is more important than ever before. With most people finding local businesses through search engines, construction companies must make a goal of having an attractive, professional and high-ranking website to get them noticed. Moreover, mobile internet continues to grow tremendously, with 77% of Americans owning a smartphone, with many people relying on their mobile device for web browsing. This means that construction companies must ensure that their websites are not only great on desktops or laptops, but also mobile-friendly. This article discusses 5 effective ways to improve your construction company’s website to help you stand out from the competition, gather more leads and connect with potential customers more.


Responsive Design


Responsive design refers to a website’s ability to automatically adjust for optimal viewing on all devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktops. In the past, websites were only designed for desktop-viewing, which made it difficult to view and navigate on a mobile device. Nowadays, all websites must have a responsive design as most web searches, and web browsing is done on mobile.


Some of the key elements of a responsive design website include simple inquiry forms that have large boxes, image resizing for better viewing, simple navigation, click-to call phone icon and short blocks of text The prevailing trend in website design is to keep thing simple, providing visitors with a good mix of pictures, detailed information and points of contact.


Opportunities for Contact


Having well designed inquiry or request forms and phone numbers are crucial to the success of your construction business. Furthermore, have the number of form fields kept to a minimum. This way, visitors will be more inclined to fill out the form, rather than be overwhelmed by having to input too much information. Furthermore, have multiple areas of contact spread out across your website. This way, you are able to gather more leads and find more people who are interested in your services.


Display your Credibility


Skepticism is a major issue for residential and commercial contractors. Most people have experienced some sort of construction mishap, whether it is as small as getting a bathroom redone, or having a housing developer delay your closing date. One way to attract potential customers is by displaying your credibility, and showcasing the relationships you have made.


The most effective ways to do this is by sharing customer testimonials or reviews and displaying the logos of businesses you partner with. Also, having a detailed “about us” page helps to tell the history and story of your business, and is a good chance to mention any industry awards, partnerships or milestones.


Page Loading Speeding


The page loading speed is important in creating a positive user experience. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website with pages that load too slow. In many instances, website visitors will bounce, or leave the website if they find that pages are loading too slow. Furthermore, page loading speed is tracked by Google, which means that a slow loading page negatively affects search engine optimization (SEO). By having a low SEO ranking, makes it more difficult for people to find your website.


Page loading speed is affected by a number of things, including hosting, website design and how images are handled. To improve your page loading speed, it is important for the webmaster to review all pages and images on a regular basis to make sure they are properly optimized.


High-quality photography


With countless construction companies and websites to choose from, it is difficult for your business to stand out. One way to do so is by investing in high-quality photography. There are many opportunities to use photographs on your construction company’s website, like a before and after of a project or even the chronology of project. Investing in high quality photographs will help your business look more professional and will better showcase your work to potential customers. Having a few, good quality images is an extremely effective way for your business to stand out from your competition, which allows you to leverage your website as much as possible.

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