5 Reasons Drones Will Save your Business Money


Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in construction are gaining in popularity, but not everyone is aware of how impactful they can be. Drones are now able to serve a variety of purposes, ranging from data capture, film creation and security. UAVs have also proven to be a cost-effective alternative in construction industry. This article discusses 6 areas of construction that are not only benefiting from UAVs, but providing a cheaper alternative to traditional methods.


Defining a UAV or Drone


A UAV or drone is an aircraft controlled by a human operator by use of a remote control, tablet, smartphone or computer. Initially developed for use in military operations, nowadays however, its use is expanding to other applications. One of the most popular uses of drones has been capturing videos and aerial photography. In the past, professionals were needed to do these, but cheaper and more accessible devices have hit the market, which now allow consumers to capture video and images in high quality. Price points for UAVs are extremely varied and investing in one for your business will require some research, and training by the user. Once that has been settled however, UAVs are a worthy long term investment.


Data can be Instantly Acquired


A drone will be able to give you immediate results. In aspects of construction, including land surveying, processes are typically manual, hand-written and can take days and even weeks to collect and analyze data. With drones, video information can be synched with the back office, providing businesses with data as soon as it is captured. Whether it is regular inspections, safety checks, or progress reports, UAVs can transfer data instantly which can be used by your business to act upon the results, or even keep customers in the loop more frequently.

Greater Safety Precautions can be Put in Place 


Constructing skyscrapers, roads and bridges can be an incredibly dangerous endeavor. Although it is impossible to avoid every accident, drones can be used to assess the safety pitfalls that may exist throughout a construction site. If foremen or site supervisors are weary of sending crews to a particular portion of the jobsite, having a drone inspect the area beforehand can help prevent accidents.


Video and Photography will Improve Marketing


As bidding for projects becomes increasingly difficult, get a leg up on your competition by introducing more videos on your company website and social media. Video has become an extremely powerful marketing tool, but with drones now in play, has become a cost-effective alternative. Fitted cameras can be used for time lapse videos that document the progress of each project. Additionally, drones can be used to provide your prospects and customers with videos that provide real-time progress. Aerial photography was once extremely expensive and had to be done by professionals. With UAVs however, you are now provided with a cheaper, yet equally effective option.


Stay Up-to-Date with Real Time Visibility


The ability to monitor several jobsites in a short amount of time is especially beneficial for project managers. Handling multiple jobs at once can be extremely stressful, and often there isn’t enough time given to each project. With UAVs, project managers can gain a quick glance at how all their jobs are doing, in real time. Rather than physically visiting each job, project managers can gain a much easier way to keep an eye on all that is happening. Drones do not replace the need for project managers to visit each jobsite, but provides up-to-date information, which helps to increase overall visibility. Travel costs can also be avoided along with time spend in each jobsite, making UAVs an incredibly valuable asset for any construction company.

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